Oleg Nechaev


+7 905-822-5687

Skype: lega911

Russia / Tyumen



Languages and Technologies

Professional use
  • Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, GoLang
  • Tornado, Bottle.py, Gevent, Async.io
  • Angular Light, Angular.js, Knockout.js, jQuery
  • HTML, CSS, XML, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Sphinx search, Nginx, Apache, Linux
  • ZeroMQ, WebSockets, Ajax
  • Docker, lxc
  • Android development - Cordova (Phonogap)
  • MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Sqlite, Redis
Have experience using
  • C/C++, Delphi, PHP, ASM, eVC++, 1C 7.7/8.2, WebRTC, iptables
  • Django, Flask, React.js
  • Facebook API, Twitter API, Amazon API, Netflix API, Spotify API
  • Mercurial (hg), Git, Svn


  • Summary 15 years experience programming computers
  • Python 6 years (2009-now)
  • JavaScript 6 years (2009-now)
  • Angular 2 years (2013-now)
  • jQuery 6 years (2009-now)
  • MongoDB 5 years (2010-now)
  • Linux 7 years (2008-now)
  • C++ 5 years (2004-2009)
  • Pascal/Delphi (1999-2004)

Screenshots of projects

Last projects

[2015-present], Zenniki

"Zenniki" is a startup for shops and customers that helps save money and earn more. Android app. Screenshots

  • Python, GoLang, CoffeeScript
  • MongoDB, Docker, Jobserver, Barcode recognition, QR auth, GPS geolocation
  • Bottle.py, Angular Light, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Cordova (Phonogap), Android version
  • Git

[2014-present], Dev Studios

Client: A company which produces milk products from Chelyabinsk. Project is an embedded web-application for Microsoft Dynamics NAV It provides more convenient way to make orders.

  • Python, Bottle.py
  • MongoDB, Docker
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial

[2014-2015], Dev Studios

Client: Startup, project is an adaptive web-application (CRM), which helps control orders, clients and employees.

  • Python, WebOb
  • MongoDB, Nginx, Docker
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial

[2014], Dev Studios

Client: TyumBit, Project is a medical portal that helped create blogs, news and do communication between users and doctors, using WebRTC.

  • Python, Bottle.py, Async.io, WebSockets, WebRTC
  • MongoDB, Nginx, LXC
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial

[2014-2015], Dev Studios

Client: International telecom company. I made project that lets you analyze behavior of people using wifi-points. Screenshots

  • Python, Bottle.py, GoLang, C/C++
  • MongoDB, Sharding, ZMQ, Nginx, LXC
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, raphael.js, d3.js
  • Mercurial

[2013], Dev Studios

Client: Huge car-seller in Tyumen region. I made web-application which contains a few parts Screenshots:

  • BPMS: Create and use business processes
  • Call-center: Integration to phone station, it lets receive, control and analyze phone calls
  • OLAP: Analytic system for all business processes and phone calls
  • CRM: Web-application that lets you look for information about employees and clients fast
  • Python, Bottle.py
  • MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Sphinx-Search, Nginx
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, Angular.js, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial

[2011-2014], oDesk, company from Latvia

www.loved.la - A social network about movies, books and music with integration to different services. There are a few different bots which grab information about popular movies and books. Also there are tools for analytics and correction information, screenshots.

  • Python, Tornado
  • MongoDB, Redis, Sphinx-Search, Nginx
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, Knockout.js, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial
  • Facebook API, Twitter API, Amazon API, Netflix API, Spotify API, FreeBase API, Youtube API

[2009-2015], Tonics

Tonics is a big company that do a distribution of goods, it works with Nestle, Mars, Unilever and other. At Tonics I've made and supported more than 20 projects, some of them is still active used.

For projects below I used:
  • Python, Tornado, Bottle.py
  • MongoDB, MySQL, Sqlite, MSSQL, Sphinx-Search, Nginx, Apache
  • CoffeeScript, Angular Light, Angular.js, Knockout.js, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Mercurial, Svn

1) Flow of documents

It's a very important web-application, that helps control spending money of company, it is used by all levels of employees, from top managers to beginner employees.

2) Colleagues

It's CRM web-application, it helps find information of required employees fast, it is used very often and it has become an irreplaceable application.

3) A tool for recalc cost price.

The tool analyzes purchase of goods, and corrects cost price of goods, it helps a financial department to make right reports.

4) Call-center

It helps analyze phone calls, it has helped improve quality of incoming calls, screenshots.

5) Report-center

Web-application that makes consolidated reports for companies Ferrero, May, Kamis, Straus and other.

6) Web-Cron

Web-application that helps to configure a schedule of list of programs.


Web-application that assembles different conditions from different places of company, it helps observe correct work in the whole company, for example employees can see when any server is down or a mistake in central base, screenshots.

8) Auto-replication

It's a very important tool that does replication main bases between branches.

9) Site of tonics


10) Storehouse monitors

It's a web-application, it shows a progress of different employees who work in storehouses. Key storehouses have big displays, where you can see the best workers.


  • Angular Light, light version of Angular.js, it's better then Angular.js in some cases.
  • Mongo Admin, server-side web framework which is used in a few big projects.
  • Easy Plugin System, helpfull library for big projects

Career history

  • 2013 - present, Dev Studios. It's a company that develops web-application and different programs for big companies.
  • 2007 - 2015. I worked in company "Tonics", there I improved the main trading program, also I made more than 20 helpful web-applications.
  • 2003 - 2007. I used to work in "Resurs Komplekt" company and "Reskom" company. I was IT admin / programmer, I made a trading program, I made web site, and a few web-services in PHP. In those years I migrated from Delphi to VC++. I made a visual component library that use only windows API and stdlib.
  • 2002 - 2003. I used to work in TymBit comp. I used to program in "1C language"
  • 2002 - 2007. I used to study at the University of TGNGU Tyumen.
  • Since 2000 I used to program in Delphi. I made a few programs which helped accountants to make special documents for banks and tax organizations. It was the first time when I earned money.
  • In 1999 (or 98) I started programming in Turbo Pascal. I won a few IT competitions.
  • About 1995. I used to make small programs on "Basic" for Z80 cpu (like "spectrum")


  • 2002 - 2007 Tyumen State Oil & Gas University, Education Specialist Degree, Electrical actuation and automatic equipment in production and process systems.
  • 1995 - 2002 Secondary School
  • 1992 - 1995 Primary School

Other information

  • The development of large projects, with the size of the source code of 100 MB.
  • Spoken Languages: russian native, english intermediate (keep studying).
  • Participation in the world team championship on programming and other competitions.
  • No bad habits.
  • Marital status: married.