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Social media network

  • Technology: Python, Tornado web, MongoDB, Sphinx search, jQuery, Angular Light, Knockout.js
  • API: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing


  • It is a startup for shops and customers that helps save money and earn more. I've made Android application, landing, an admin panel for shops and server side.
  • Python, GoLang, CoffeScript, MongoDB, Docker, Jobserver, Barcode recognition, QR auth, GPS geolocation,, Nginx, Angular Light, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Cordova (Phonogap), Android version, Git

Personal Python blog

  • Technologies: Python,, Jinja2, MongoDB, jQuery (Ajax)

Analyzer of customers

  • I made project that lets you analyze behavior of people using wifi-points.
  • Technologies: Python,, GoLang, C/C++, MongoDB, Sharding, ZMQ, Nginx, LXC, CoffeScript, Angular Light, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, raphael.js, d3.js, Mercurial

BPMS + Call-center + OLAP

  • Private project that help a company improve client management (CRM)
  • Technologies: Python,, Tornado web, MongoDB, MySQL, Sphinx search, jQuery, Angular.js, Angular Light, Gevent, ZeroMQ
    Demo information, images were taken from public presentations.


  • like StackOverflow.
  • Technologies: Python,, Jinja2, MongoDB, jQuery (Ajax)


  • Private corporate site, contains blog, address book with smart search, a document management system.
  • Technologies: Python, Tornado web, Sphinx search, MongoDB, Knockout.js, jQuery
  • A view of admin console:


  • Centralized monitoring of deviations from normal operation of the company, tracking equipment.

Call Center

  • Call accounting and customer